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Be Aware! The FDA allows cosmetic and skincare companies to use animal products and bi products in your everyday products. No testing on animals!

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Yes it’s true! Although the FDA does not specifically require using animals for testing the safety of cosmetics they do however encourage and advise cosmetics manufacturers to use animals for testing cosmetics. They support the development as well as the use of alternatives to whole-animal testing!

What’s alarming is that animal testing is done in most products with a ratio of 94% to use animals in determining the safety of certain cosmetics as well as household products which only leaves a meager 6% for research. Now I say that is downright wrong!

It’s not only cruel to use animals for cosmetics testing but there are some cases where studies have shown that animal testing does not work because according to the  Huntingdon Life Sciences the  connection of human and animal testing only agree within 5-25% at a time. With that ratio, it’s a wonder why FDA still approves animal testing.

The good news is there are more than 450 methods being used nowadays to avoid animal testing and experimentation. There are also a whole range of cosmetic products that does not use animal testing. One of my personal favorites is the Arbonne line of cosmetics and skin care products as they do not use cruel animal testing with their products.

With the presence of such products, why would you support cosmetic products that were tested on animals! Start making a change and be an advocate to stop animal testing starting with your personal choice of cosmetic products.

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