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Vitamin D is a good thing!

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One vitamin that can be produced by our body naturally with the help of the sun is vitamin D. That’s why doctors would recommend for babies to be exposed to sunlight for 30 minutes a day. Although sun exposure can help in the production of vitamin D, it should still be controlled as overexposure of the skin to the sun can damage it, thus the reason why many would turn to drinking supplements or using skin care products enriched with vitamin D.

This vitamin is needed by our body because it contributes to the process of skin metabolism as well as growth. It is also effective in treating some skin conditions such as flaking and itching skin. In fact, a lot of topical forms of vitamin D are being used as treatment for skin conditions.

Aside from the healing properties of vitamin D, it is also rich in antioxidant which destroys the free radicals that damages the skin and the body. As a result it prevents the premature aging of the skin as well as reduces the spots and signs of aging.

Using skin care products that are rich in vitamins like Arbonne is recommended especially if you want to have a younger looking skin. You can also drink vitamin D supplements to make sure that your body has ample supply of vitamin D instead of toasting under the sun.

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