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What foods can I eat to help with my skin?

Foods play a big role on having a beautiful radiant skin. By being healthy on the inside, you will glow from the outside by having a clear and radiant skin. By altering your diet a little bit you will feel and see the effect unfold right before your eyes. Here are some of the foods and vitamins that you can eat to help you have a beautiful skin:

  • Vitamin C- some of the foods that are rich in vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, green vegetables, cherries and grapes. Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant which protects our skin from free radicals and sun damage.
  • Zinc- this helps the skin as it promotes cell renewal as well as repair. It also helps in the prevention of acne. You can find zinc in sardines, oysters, pork, kidney beans, liver and lamb.
  • Vitamin E- they call this as the beauty vitamins because of its antioxidant properties as well as give a smoother skin. Spinach, pears and avocados are some sources of Vitamin E.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids- this helps the skin by fighting inflammation. Some sources are salmon, tuna and nuts.
  • Selenium- helps the skin by protecting it from sun damage. Sources are tuna, cashews, rice and walnuts.
  • Vitamin A- aids n skin renewal and prevents acne as well as plugged hair follicles. Sources are green leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin B Complex- helps to maintain the overall health of the skin. Sources are bananas, potatoes, meat, and whole grains.

You can also take advantage of natural skin products that can help you achieve a younger looking skin. Partner Arbonne with proper diet that is rich in foods that helps the skin and enjoy the secret of youth.

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