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Arbonne International: Sharing Beauty

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I absolutely love sharing the Arbonne products with women, that’s why I’m a consultant with one of the best and prestigious health and wellness companies out there today.  Arbonne is on top of their game by releasing the latest technologies and science behind their products, keeping their philosophy since day one of pure, safe and beneficial.  Check out more about the business and how to purchase products at: or email me at

Getting your beauty sleep

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Yes, sleep is important! Are you having mood swings, dark circles, feel exhausted even when you wake up? It is important that you take note of how you feel when you wake up.  If you want to look good and feel good, lets take a look at your sleep habits.

Sleep Journal

If your not quite sure about your sleep habits I encourage you to keep a sleep journal next to your bed and journal the next three months.  Items to include in your journal:

  1. What time it is when you go to sleep
  2. How your feel before you go to sleep
  3. What time it is when you wake up and how do you feel
  4. How many hours it was between the time you had your last meal and you laid down to sleep
  5. Where are you sleeping?

Do you have any of these bad sleeping habits?

1. Do you sleep with your make up on?

2. Is it too crowded in your bed? Do you allow children or pets in your bed?

3.Do you go to bed at irregular times every night?

4. Are you eating too late at night?

5. Do you have caffeine in the afternoon or evening?

6. Don’t pay your bills in bed!

Here are some helpful tips to get your beauty sleep, fall asleep and more:

  1. Kick the caffeine at least 6 hours before going to sleep!
  2. Stick to a schedule: your body rhythm is important so pay close attention to it.
  3. Exercise always helps the body rest well at night.
  4. Avoid eating too close to bed time.
  5. Wash your pillows often, clean sheet night will help keep you from unwanted break outs.
  6. High sodium/salt can cause puffiness around the eyes, keep that out of your system after dark!
  7. Try a hair mask over night
  8. Keep your feet soft by cleaning, applying lotion and sleeping in some comfortable socks.
  9. Dim the lights and put on your pj’s several hours before bed time this will help you transition.
  10. Lavender always helps you unwind the day.
  11. A hot relaxing bath can sooth your nerves and wash away the stress of the day
  12. Try a detox, because stress can cause insomnia.
  13. If your busy like me, grab a notebook and write down your weekly plan or to-dos so they don’t keep you up all night thinking about them.
  14. Try essential oils and relaxing music, put your phone away.
  15. Relax your deserve it, so do whatever you like to do to rest.

Suggestion: Arbonne Aromassentials Unwind Rejuvenating Body Mist.

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